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(Posting recorded delivery is fine, as I dont work on anything that I cant put down when my postman is due. However, please do NOT send using ‘Special Delivery – guaranteed before 1pm next day’ Royal Mail service (seperate delivery). If I am busy working on a fiddley bit, I cant always answer the door and your letter may be returned).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE INCLUDED ENOUGH HAIR. If you think that you may not have enough and cannot get anymore, then please message me and we can discuss options (I can add matching or contrasting stock hair or make you an item that needs less hair).

Hair needs to be really Clean (its easier to wash it after you have taken it from your horse), kink free (normal wavy hair is fine) and TIED AT ONE END (a plaiting band is perfect for this). Please do NOT tie anywhere else or plait it. Please make sure that the hair is completely dry before posting. PLEASE DO NOT PUT DAMP HAIR IN A PLASTIC BAG AND POST, IT WILL GO MOULDY. If you suspect it may be a bit damp, wrap in some tissue or kitchen roll. If you would like me to wash the hair for you, please add £5.00 to your order.

If you would like leftover hair returned, please let me know.

Everyones items are made and posted in the order that they arrive, and normally take between 14 to 21 days (apart from Christmas or holiday time) , and I keep you all updated in the pinned post at the top of the page. If you need your item returned sooner then please use ‘Express Service’ below. 


Your item will be made and posted within 4 working days of my receiving your hair. The express service charge is £10.00 per item. If you are wanting ENGRAVED items then please note that these are ordered in, and take approx 7-10 days to arrive, so will hold up your order. Resin items need to ‘cure’ so cannot be included in this.


WARNING – Rubber can damage silver and silver plate, so please be aware of this if you have a rubber watch. 


If you can give me an accurate wrist measurement then I can make your bracelet to fit. I need the actual size of your wrist at the narrowest part, do not leave any space. Womens wrists are normally around 15-19cms (6-7 1/2″). Mens normally around 18-22cms (7 – 8 1/2″). Measure your wrist with a tape measure (or a bit of string and a ruler). If your bracelet is for a surprise present then you may not be able to get the actual wrist size. In this case just let me know approx age/height and dress size and I should be able to have a pretty good guess.

(If you are sending me a bracelet size rather than a wrist size, then please make sure that you have made it very clear in your note, and bear in mind that the horsehair braids are somewhat thicker than a chain, so your bracelet will come up shorter when in use) 


Horse hair bracelets made from the TAIL hair of your horse. 

STAINLESS STEEL BRACELETS (Pics and prices can be found in the Stainless Steel Bracelets page)

Bracelets from £29.50 


Sterling silver dainty bracelet from £50.00 plus p&p

Sterling silver plain bracelet from £55.00 plus p&p

Sterling silver beaded bracelet from £60.00 plus p&p

Sterling silver bracelets come with a lobster clasp as standard. However I have a lovely selection of clasps and you can find all the pics and prices on the Sterling Silver Bracelets Page.

To make a bracelet I need an absolute min of 15″ (shortest hair) (a rough guide is the distance between the inside of you elbow to your finger tips) x the width of your little finger, please send more if poss. 


All pics and prices can be found on the Charms Page. 

STOCK PINS (only available in gold colour)

Small (braid 1.25″)£20.00 plus p&p

Large (braid 2″) £22.00 plus p&p

(please note that the braid is attached to the stock pin by two jump rings so is moveable) 

STOCK PINS require an absolute minimum of 10″ x the width of your little finger of TAIL hair (measured at the skinny end of the hair), but please send more if poss.

Please note – The pins, though made for the job, are quite substantial, and may be awkward to push through a closely woven stock. 


Engraved hearts and tags are ordered in and take approx 7-10 days. All information can be found on the Engraving Page. 

STERLING SILVER BRAIDED PENDANTS – can be made from smaller amounts of hair (though will need to be a pencil thick and longer than 8″) and also from mane hair.

Plain braids with sterling silver fittings and chain £35.00 plus p&p. (Tiny charms can be added to the centre, pics and prices are in the ‘charms’ albums) 


Resin pieces can be made using a few strands of mane or tail hair, or even a few strands of body hair from a brush if this is all you have. But as a guide I need approx 10 strands of tail hair or 20 strands of mane hair. The blanks are ordered in especially for you, and due to this and the amount of time that the resin takes to cure, your resin items may take longer than the normal 28 days. Please note that white and very pale hair doesnt always show up as well in the resin pieces and I made need to use slightly more hair. Hair needs to be spotlessly clean and free of all grease and chemicals (fly repellant etc). Any dirt left on the hair can make the resin go slightly cloudy and may take longer to cure. 


Please note – Mane hair is very delicate, and I prefer not to use it. However I appreciate that in some cases this may be the only hair you have available. So although it isnt suitable for the heavier braids (stock pins/keyrings/bracelets), it does work well in the sterling silver braided pendants, and its not a prob to make you a tassel or resin piece.

In a very few cases (often very young or very old horses) some tail hair is too delicate and fragile for me to use. If you think this may be the case, please message me to discuss other options. 


Most of my items require a lock of hair the width of your little finger (ignoring the short hairs, which I cant use). Please make sure that you have at least this amount. Always better to send me too much rather than too little.

Collect the hair from the bottom of the dock (tail bone). After brushing, select only the longest hairs (by holding on to the end of the hair, run your fingers up the hair shaft to part any shorter hair) and cut (nail scissors are useful) or pull (if your horse will let you) Tie securely at one end with a plaiting band. Please do NOT KNOT OR PLAIT HAIR, or put elastic bands on any other part of the hair, as this causes kinks and makes it hard for me to work with.

If you would like any leftover hair returned, please let me know. 


It is always better to wash the hair AFTER you have taken it from your horses tail. HAIR NEEDS TO BE CLEAN AND GREASE FREE. You can use any shampoo (horse or human) but I find that a good soak in hot water and laundry liquid does the trick. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly and dry straight so that it is kink free. Please DO NOT use conditioner.

 Please let me know if your hair has not been washed and you would like me to wash it for you.  I charge £5.00 for this service.  However I do appreciate that some of you would rather that it still smelt of your horse, so if you would like to leave it as is just let me know (though please note that the braids are not so even if working with dirty/greasy hair). If the hair is not tied at one end, you will need to include £5.00 wash and sort charge.

If you would like me to wash and sort the hair for you, please add £5.00 (this charge is based on your hair taking less than 1 hour for me to sort and wash.  If the hair is badly tangled, or if you have sent lots then extra charges may apply) 


If you are sending a tiny amount of hair for use in one of the resin pieces you may get away with a normal 1st or 2nd class stamp.  However if your envelope is wider than 6mm (and it will be if you are ordering any of the braided pieces) you will need to use a ‘LARGE LETTER STAMP’.  If you are sending lots of hair, it may be aswell to get it weighed at the Post Office to ensure that you have used the correct postage.  If the hair is very precious to you then please use RECORDED DELIVERY.  Any envelopes that do not have the correct postage will be returned to sender by Royal Mail. 


You need to be send enough hair for each item.

Hair needs to be TIED AT ONE END and COMPLETELY CLEAN AND GREASE FREE (if you are not able to do this for any reason, please enclose £5.00 wash and sort fee). Please make sure that the hair is completely dry before packing (it may go mouldy if sent damp)

With your hair please include 



ACTUAL WRIST SIZE (if youre having a bracelet), this is the actual measurement of your wrist (Womens wrists are normally around 6 1/2”/16.5cms). If your item is a gift I appreciate that you may not be able to get this, so send me an approx age,height and dress size and I can have a pretty good guess. (If you are sending me the length that you would like the completed bracelet, please make this clear in your note, and bear in mind that the heavier braids are thicker than a chain bracelet, so will come up shorter when worn) 



HAIR NOT WASHED or NOT TIED AT ONE END and £5.00 Washing Fee paid. 


EXPRESS SERVICE (£10.00 per item) if required. 

If you would like any leftover hair returned please let me know.

Please use a sturdy envelope and make sure that it is securely fastened, use sellotape if necessary.

Items join the waiting list and may take up to 28 days, but this varies depending on work load. If you need your items returned sooner, please look above at the EXPRESS SERVICE. 

I hope this helps, if you have any questions or problems please message me. x