horsehair jewellery
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horsehair jewellery

horsehair jewellery


Equestrian Wish List will be carrying on pretty much as normal during this time.

I am posting this to make sure that you all feel safe and secure when sending your hair and receiving your item.

I work alone (with only the mouses for company) so its not a problem for me to self isolate.  I’m being super careful with plenty of extra hand washing and disinfecting going on.
If I should get any symptoms I will stop making for 7 days. All being well I will resume as normal once I am past the recommended quarantine time.  I would be grateful if you could do likewise when posting your hair.

You will have noticed that there are now lots of flight restrictions. This appears to be holding up fittings that are coming from abroad. Whilst I purchase as much as possible from UK suppliers, some of my fittings come from different countries so please keep an eye on stock levels.  (Still waiting for the sterling silver keyring/bagcharm fittings to arrive ) which were promised by February.

I would recommend that if you are outside the UK, you hold on to your order until the international postal service is back to normal.

Stay well everyone.


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