About:  Equestrian Wish List – Horsehair Jewellery

Below is just a little note to give you some extra information about the Horsehair Jewellery available on this page.

I realise that the Horsehair you send me is very precious for your Horsehair Jewellery, and it is treated as such.

All your Horsehair Jewellery braids are made from the horse hair you send me.

Horsehair braids are very dense, the light doesn’t penetrate through individual strands of Horsehair, some of the items will occasionally appear a deeper colour.  This can happen with ‘yellowing’ grey Horsehair but especially with chesnut tails as often the base colour of the tail will be black or dark brown with only the ends of the individual Horsehair shaft being much lighter.

If you don’t have enough Horsehair, then I can add more, (matching or contrasting) from stock Horsehair.   But I don’t do this without contacting you first.

Items are made in the order that they arrive, and will take approx 3 hours to make (longer for sterling silver items), though this will vary from tail to tail.  Some tails braid up really quickly, while others are more quirky and take a lot longer, I can never tell until I start working on them.  Brittle Horsehair with lots of damage can take me many many hours. Once braided the fittings are glued in place and your bracelet is left overnight to set.

I use the best of everything, this includes the things you don’t see, the strong, thin nylon that I use to sew up, and the epoxy resin adhesive that fixes your braid to the end fittings.



Is a thin layer of silver over the top of (usually) a copper base.  With use, this will wear (normally on the part that is in constant contact with your wrist) and you may see the base colour coming through.  (If they need a polish please use a soft cloth, and not an abrasive cleaner).  If you find this unacceptable, you will be better off upgrading to stainless steel or sterling silver fittings.


Is a good alternative to silver plating.


After a long and exhaustive search,  I have managed to find some lovely sterling silver fittings to go on your Horsehair  bracelets.

Horsehair Jewellery Sterling Silver Stud Earring Braid

Sterling Silver Inset stone stud earrings with plain braid £45.00


So as you can see, Horsehair Jewellery is a work in progress, stock items are regularly added.

On a final note –  Though I have been making Horsehair Jewellery with Horsehair braids and tassels for many years, one of my mums friends saw what I was making and asked me to make one for her granddaughters Chrismas present in 2010.  This planted the seed for a business that has now developed into Equestrian Wish List Horsehair Jewellery.